21.5.2004 klo 23:34:00
position: 65°02,13N 25°25,67 Toppila Harbour, Oulu
wind: NW 4m/s, 5° C (41° F), Rain
    We all have been working hard from early morning to late night. Isn't it amaging that we've been working for three years and we finally get everything done just a couple of hours before the start. Nice goint, the weather could have been even worse!
22.5.2004 klo 17:22:00
position: 65°03,34N 24°29,53 West from Hailuoto, Marjaniemi
wind: NW 7m/s, 7° C (41° F), Cloudy

    Goin fine. We are having more wind. Alpo is doing well. We are leaving Marjaniemi (Hailuoto) behind and will head towards Merenkurkku. ETA to Merenkurkku is 8:30 AM. The GSM will stop functioning for now.
23.5.2004 klo 14:10:00
position: 63°42,64N 22°41,31 The Storm
wind: NNW 18m/s, 7° C (41° F), Rain
    Ice fleets at Raahe.

    We didn't arrive to Merenkurkku in the morning. We got NNW wind 18 m/s, later in the night more than 20 m/s, so we decided to head to Pietarsaari. Alpo worked fine and so did the crew and ship cat Peetu. Before the heavy wind we had ice fleets all over around us.

    So we will wait here untill the weather is fine enough and then we're off. Now we eat and sleep!
24.5.2004 klo 18:49:00
position: 63°42,64N 22°41,31 Port of Pietarsaari
wind: NNW 6m/s, 6° C (41° F), Light rain
    Slept well. We have been arranging the ship all day long, and soon we will be off to Selkämeri, Ahvenanmaa and towards Visby, Gotland.

    In Pietarsaari, from left: Pekka Puusti, Juha Kämäräinen and Timo Iik.
25.5.2004 klo 04:00:00
position: 63°11,15N 20°26,70 Kvarken
wind: NW 3m/s, 4° C (41° F), Cloudy

    Jarkko and Markus at bridge watch. We came to Southern Part Of Kvark at 01:00 AM. Swedish navy asked who's coming, and they promised to follow us in the radar. We said thanks - it means safety for us. A few hours later we saw their warship. Desided to let it go free.

    Esa and Pekka took over the bridge watch at 04:00AM. Nice to get some sleep now.
25.5.2004 klo 18:00:00
position: 61°15,144N 19°25,85 Southern Part of Kvarken
wind: NW 3m/s, 12° C (41° F), Fog

    In the morning we got fog. Visibility 200-300 meters. Tsunamis Pro works like charm and the Koden radar is our eyes. Some ships have been around, safe distance.
26.5.2004 klo 02:45:00
position: 60°07,19N 19°12,82 Ahvenanmaa/Åland
wind: NO 2m/s, 5° C (41° F), Half cloudy

    On the west side of Åland, Mariehamn. Many ships around, but the weather is fine and good visibility. Everything's ok on Alpo and the cat Peetu is doing fine.
26.5.2004 klo 16:24:00
position: 58°25,04N 18°57,46 Gotska Sandön
wind: NE 7m/s, 12° C (41° F), Half Cloudy

    Gotska Sandön on the east side. We reach northern end of Gotland after 24 nm. Alpo's Atlas-Imperial -engine works like charm. Crew is happy and the wheelman is singing national songs of different countries (Sovjet Union's and USA's, for example).
27.5.2004 klo 13:00:00
position: 57°38,18N 18°17,04 Gotland, Visby
wind: NE 3m/s, 12° C (41° F), Half Cloudy, but sunny

    In Visby. Came here yesterday at 9:20 PM. Great service here! Visby is a very beautiful place so the crew had a evening promenade in the city. We even found some nice pubs.

    I also heard, that in the first night storm our beloved ship cat Peetu had found a hiding place from Teppo's bags. She had been sick there.

    We will be off today at 6 PM and head to Kiel.
27.5.2004 klo 19:08:00
position: 57°33,14N 18°03,22 From Visby to Kiel
wind: SW 2m/s, 14° C (41° F), Clear

    Off from Visby at 6:22 PM towards Kiel, where we come on Saturday at 2 PM. Nice weather.
28.5.2004 klo 03:00:00
position: 56°37,20N 17°05,50 At Öland
wind: SW 3m/s, 10° C (41° F), Half Cloudy
    Night watch 00-04. Dark but nice weather. Some ships sailing around us. The sunrise was beautiful at 04:30.

    Sunrise 2004-05-28 4:30 AM SE from Öland.

28.5.2004 klo 17:00:00
position: 55°23,70N 14°29,10 Bornholm
wind: SW 12m/s, 12° C (41° F), Clear

    It's been a windy day and sea has been flying over Alpos deck. Everything is still ok and we are doing well. Our position now is NW from Bornholm. The picture is taken from the bridge.
29.5.2004 klo 23:00:00
position: 54°17,58N 09°40,50 Kiel, Rendsburg
wind: - 0m/s, 18° C (41° F), Clear
    Ship cat Peetu is a female!

    Everything has gone just great. We are aproaching Kiel and will stay there untill Monday morning. Then we go off towards Normandy! The day at Kiel/Holtenau was warm and sunny.

    Many kind of ships sail through Kiel. Jarkko discussing with a crew from Netherlands.
30.5.2004 klo 15:00:00
position: 54°17,56N 09°40,40 Peetu's surprice
wind: E 3m/s, 25° C (41° F), Half cloudy

    Peetu in captain's cabin.

    oulu_pietarsaari.wmv -> Video from leg Oulu-Pietarsaari. Size 1,7 Mb, so uploading with a modem connection may take some time.

    Nice day in Kiel/Rendsburg: the sun is shining, the wind is soft and the temperature is +25° C. Our ship cat Peetu scared me off by suddenly beeing in our cabin on the upper deck. Somehow she had managed to get out of her cabin on the lower deck and come here. Well, we all love cats, so that's not a problem after all.

    Tomorrow (Monday) we will head to France, Caen - Normandy! We will be on the North Sea for three days, so I'm not able to update these reports untill on thursday. So no need to get worried.
31.5.2004 klo 18:46:00
position: 53°53,13N 09°07,46 Kiel, Brunsbüttel
wind: 5m/s, 18° C (41° F), Rainy

    Alpo's communication center. Here I write these stories and send images to these pages.

    Ah, we didn't know that this monday is a national day off in Germany - no stores are open! However, we got two tons of water to trim the ship and even something to eat, so we have all we need to go to Normandy. We will try to make our satellite datasystem work so that we could update these pages even on North Sea, but I'm not so sure if we succeed in doing that. In that case you will hear us next time on Thursday when we arrive to the coast of Normandy.

1.6.2004 klo 01:30:00
position: 53°49,37N 07°31,70 North Sea, Bremenhafen
wind: NE 2m/s, 15° C (41° F), Clear

    North Sea Moon

    Near Bremenhafen. It's a wonderful night, light wind and quite warm. Alpo is doin +9 knots and everything works like charm.
2.6.2004 klo 01:30:00
position: 51°54,48N 03°47,79 Rotterdam
wind: NE 2m/s, 18° C (41° F), Some cloudy

    Our engine men, from left: Vesa Nummela, Timo Kivelä and Teppo Saarinen.

    Going fine, temperature is +24° C, the sun is shining and we have no wind. At Brunsbüttel we got rain and lightnings and found out that water is not coming in from the sea but from the sky. Pekka fixed the roof, so from now on we can sail even in rain without having to use an umbrella.

    Alpo's bridge. North Sea at Netherlands 2004-06-01.
2.6.2004 klo 17:45:00
position: 50°41,45N 01°24,55 Cap Gris-Nez
wind: - 1m/s, 20° C (41° F), Clear

    Cap Gris-Nez

    On Wednesday morning we got side wind. Even if it was not more than max. 10 m/s, it made Alpo roll. It lasted only 4-5 hours and after that the weather was fine again. We arrived to French waters at 9:21 AM and passed by Cap Gris-Nez in the afternoon. Looks like we are in schedule and will arrive to Caen on Thursday afternoon.

    French Coast Guard.
3.6.2004 klo 12:00:00
position: 49°10,92N 00°-21,-17 Caen, Quai Vendeure
wind: - 2m/s, 23° C (41° F), Clear

    M/S Alpo is made of steel, and so is the crew!

    Alpo and it's crew has reached Caen, Normandy! Arrived on Thursday at 12:00. Everything has worked like charm, so we are quite happy men right now. Total distance 1600 nm = 3000 km.

    You don't have to be alone in Caen!
6.6.2004 klo 20:55:00
position: 49°10,92N 00°-21,-17 Caen, Quai Vendeure
wind: NW 2m/s, 24° C (41° F), Sunny
    People have been very interested in our boat.
10.6.2004 klo 15:00:00
position: 49°10,92N 00°-21,-17 The Party is soon over
wind: NW 3m/s, 25° C (41° F), Rainy

    Port De Plaisance

    Children were interested, too.

    Party feeling

    Port De Plaisance
11.6.2004 klo 16:30:00
position: 49°16,60N 00°-15,-00 Alpo's Return
wind: NW 3m/s, 24° C (41° F), Clear
    On the way back home.

    Waiting at Ouisterham to get out.
13.6.2004 klo 12:01:00
position: 51°58,49N 03°59,02 On anchor at Rotterdam
wind: NW 8m/s, 15° C (41° F), Cloudy
    Main engine stopped and so did the help engine 1. Water in the fuel tanks. Heavy side wind and the dark black night didn't make things easier at all!

    This picture was taken 1.6.2004 with video camera. About the same time and same plase.
13.6.2004 klo 20:00:00
position: 52°05,86N 04°16,05 Scheveningen - Haag, City Of The Queen
wind: NW 8m/s, 18° C (41° F), Sunny
    Arrived to Haag-Scheveningen at 4:30 PM. A wonderful place where we can rest after the heavy side wind, motorstop and anchoring. This feels good - a great place and wonderful people!

    Scheveningen looked like paradise to us!
15.6.2004 klo 17:42:00
position: 52°05,86N 04°16,05 Scheveningen, Haag
wind: NW 7m/s, 19° C (41° F), Half cloudy

16.6.2004 klo 12:28:00
position: 52°05,86N 04°16,05 Scheveningen, Haag
wind: NW 4m/s, 22° C (41° F), Clear
    The wind is good and the forecast looks fine so we will start our journey to Kiel at about 4 PM.

    Peetu has fallen in love with a finnish cat called Waldemar, now living in Holland. Let's hope that her hart still follows us back to Finland!

    Peetu's favourite place.
18.6.2004 klo 01:17:00
position: 53°53,68N 09°09,17 Brunsbüttel, Kiel channel
wind: W 5m/s, 14° C (41° F), Cloudy
    Arrived to Brunsbüttel at Kiel Channel at 11 PM. We sleep in Brunsbüttel and continue early in the morning.

    Looked like this always after a storm.
19.6.2004 klo 18:44:00
position: 55°05,63N 14°41,68 Bornholm, Rönne
wind: W 9m/s, 14° C (41° F), Clear
    Arrived to Bornholm at 4:30 PM.
20.6.2004 klo 19:45:00
position: 55°05,63N 14°41,68 Bornholm, Rönne
wind: 6 5m/s, 15° C (41° F), Clear
    Left Bornholm at 6:45 PM. Next stop: Oulu, Toppila!
21.6.2004 klo 13:40:00
position: 57°17,70N 16°55,18 Baltic Sea, Öland
wind: S 1m/s, 24° C (41° F), Sunny
    Nice weather, at last. We leave Öland behind us and head north to Stockholm. ETA to Oulu, Toppila is in Thursday morning.

    A mysterious problem has occured on the ship: Sunday food never turned up! Different theories have been told about why the food has vanished, but they all are just assumptions. Was the food left in some of the Pubs in Bornholm, or did Peetu eat it for his sorrow (you know, his heart stayed in Netherlands)? Further investigations will be made by the bold steward.
22.6.2004 klo 04:20:00
position: 59°24,22N 18°45,59 Möjä, isle at Stockholm
wind: S 1m/s, 13° C (41° F), Clear
    We have been driving the whole night in Stocholm archipelago. Found Risto Lindvall with his Lovisa motor yacht at Ile of Möja and took him at us for a while. Coffee and greetings, then off on the road again. He, too, was on his way to Oulu.
22.6.2004 klo 09:24:00
position: 60°01,66N 19°04,85 Sea of Åland
wind: - 0m/s, 19° C (41° F), Sunny
    Now driving on the calm Sea of Åland. Alpo is moving nice and everything work like charm. Approximately landing time at Marjaniemi (ile of Hailuoto) is Thursday 7.30 AM and landing time to Toppila (Oulu, home) 11.00 AM. The mysterious problem with ship food has not solved, so perhaps we could put the blame on Peetu. He's a fair dude and doesn't care too much about small things.
24.6.2004 klo 03:21:00
position: 64°52,63N 24°07,80 Gulf of Bothnia
wind: SSW 4m/s, 12° C (41° F), Sunny
    Arriving to Toppila at 11 AM. Nice weather, everything's just fine!
24.6.2004 klo 11:00:00
position: 65°02,13N 25°25,67 Oulu, Toppila
wind: SSW 3m/s, 18° C (41° F), Sunny

    Long time no seen!

    Arrived to Toppila Harbour at 11 AM. Lots of people waiting for us, so it feels very good to be back again. Thanks for you all!
13.7.2004 klo 03:22:00
position: 65°02,13N 25°25,67 Oulu
wind: S 2m/s, 13° C (41° F), Half cloudy
    I have put some more pictures in the diary.
7.6.2005 klo 00:00:00
position: 65°02,13N 25°25,67 Peetu has gone away
wind: W 5m/s, 10° C (41° F), Cloudy
    June 6. seems to be a special date. It's the date for the Normandy invasion, the release of Alpo book, and also the day when cat Peetu (aged 13) passed away from us.

    Peetu 2004-06-06 in Caen, Normandy.